IMPORTANT: Being a parent, a teacher, a therapist is... a responsibility. Having a child that needs more support imposes even MORE responsibility on us. If you ever  want to try out my ideas while working with children with special needs, please, please READ some books  on the topic before you act. Otherwise, we might inadvertently do them harm. Really. 

There's not much on the site yet, but I'm  working on it - just other things  always keep me busy :-) Patience, and -with time- there will be  quite a lot of ideas!

My Library

I really, really love reading! Of course, not necessarily books about early intervention, but I do have  quite a huge collection of those, too. Some of my  ideas are inspired by those books, and that's why they should be listed here and all the credits given to those who infected me with their ideas!


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My Credo

That's really  important, indeed! As a parent, as a therapist, as a teacher... our conduct is in accordance with... our inner code of conduct, imposed by ourselves.  A code, to which we try to adhere and apply  during our every... not necessarily 'session', but in our everyday life!


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About Me

Hello! Wondering about me? I'm from Poland, a place, where the notions of neurodiversity  and play therapy are still in the budding. I am, however, always eager to learn and I do put a lot of ideas into practice.


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Gross Motor Skills

Sensory Processing Disorder Activities

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